We find it important to work with suppliers that take responsibility and believe in a transparant industry. We visit them several times a year in Portugal, Italy and India and have a strong personal relationship with them. We share these visits and special moments on our social media channels so that everyone can see who we work with and what the conditions are at the factories.
All of our suppliers are part of or working to become part of an international sustainable platform such as B.S.C.I. (Business Social Compliance Initiative) More info. Or our supplier are part of SEDEX which is a global organization with members that manage the performance around workers rights, health & safety, the environment and business ethics. More info.

Improve in time

We try to be more responsible for the environment as much as we can. 
Creating a high-quality product that can be worn for more than one season is for us a standard in our designing proces. But we want to improve ourselves more. We recently chose to use only biodegradable poly bags and decrease the use of plastics. Also all our new online shipping boxes are produced in The Netherlands. The shipping boxes from our suppliers we already re-use as much as we can. Step by step we will make more of these changes in the year to come and we hope that together with our suppliers, retail stores, agents and our customers we make these changes.