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by-bar is a Dutch fashion & accessories label for women since 2008. The brand developed in Amsterdam is created by Barbara Brenninkmeijer. The women collection is also available in a mini-me collection. It’s known for its natural colors, with colorful accents in a clean and effortless style.


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our mission

Barbara believes that in every person lies a beautiful soul and a unique personality. In her point of view every woman must go where she feels most alive and where she can say yes to new adventures! Our mission is that every woman stands out more in her natural pure way. We want to create this comfortable world with beautiful products, where every woman is inspired to do what she loves doing best. Just like we do!


attention & care

For us, attention and care in everything we do is very important. We are dedicated to look for the best materials and constant quality and we love to make beautiful products.We also care for the people we work with. We see them as our colleagues and partners. Having a great healthy lunch together or creating that special coffee moment for our postman, who collects all the parcels every day, is just as important for us as making beautiful products.

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long term relations

From the beginning that by-bar started we worked closely with our dedicated partners in Italy, Portugal and in India. We visit our suppliers several times a year and because of our personal contact they feel personally involved.They are as proud as we are when they see the collection hanging in the stores or seeing the beautiful pictures taking by our photographer, with whom we also have worked for several years. We also take time to build strong relationships with our agents, retailers and customers. Because we believe that long term relationships create long time success.



by-bar people

We love to get things done! We are a no-nonsense and down to earth team with a strong mind and a positive attitude. Blessed with a touch of 'Joie de vivre' we work hard but we love to enjoy life even more!


sharing moments

Eating at a big table, enjoying lunch together and sharing personal moments in life is what Barbara always had in mind when developing by-bar and what we still do today. We think it’s important to take care of others. A personal approach and the creation of a comfortable space where every person or partner of by-bar feels at home, is very important to us.


- go where you feel most alive -